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-Is really free?
Absolutely. There is no sign up fee, no listing fees, and you get free store for up to 250,000 items. About all you'll pay for are for extra upgrades for your listing such as featured, extra photos, bold face, highlight and so on. Which you can click on 'Site Fee' button on the top of page

-How many photos I can post free?
You can add up to 12 photos for free, you pay a tiny fee for the 13th, then from then in, it's all FREE as well for up to 50 items max.

-I am stressed on time, and my item didn't sell, is there a way I can set it to re-list the item automatically?

Yes, when you list, there should be an option to re-list automatically. You can set it as many as 99 auto re-list. So you can rest easy, and even if your item didn't sell, Net-Steals will re-list it for you automatically with the number of tries you specify. It's completely free so make a good use for it.

-I came from E-bay, and I simply have a LOT of items to list, but is there an option to import my listings from E-bay to here so I don't have to go through everything one at a time from the beginning?.

You can now import your E-bay listings at the click of the mouse. When you log in, scroll down until you see the 'bulk listing' option, there, you will see the option to import your e-bay listings... You can upload 50 items each, for however many items you want to upload... The patch will arrive in a few days however, since currently, it won't really remove all your E-bay traits you may have on your E-bay listings, but pretty soon, it will add the feature called 'Search and Replace', so you can go ahead and remove any traits of E-bay before you upload, so you don't have to go back and edit them one by one.

-I would like to have a different category for my store as well, for, I have many items of different nature. Can I set it up so it can have the separate categories, or copy the main pages' categories?

Yes. Log in to your account, Go to 'My Store', then, 'My Store Set Up', then you will see store categories. When you click on it, you will see instructions on how you go by setting up individual categories that you want. You can also select to copy/import the categories from there as well.

-My item didn't sell, do I still get charged of end of auction fee?

If you don't make a sale, we don't make a penny out of it either. You will only be charged 1.2% of the 'Final Value' fee, ONLY when your item sells.

-I can't find the category/sub-category I would like to list my items on.

Send us an E-mail and tell us about it, then we can either point you to the category to list them under, or we can simply 'add' the category/sub-category. We are a new company, so there will be a lot more category coming up.

-What forms of payment I can accept from buyer?

Pretty much anything you can think of. When you list items, you will see below that you can click on so the buyer can pay you using their preferred method.

Paypal, Diner's Club, Solo, Master Card, Switch, Visa, Western Union, Cash on Collection, Cash on Delivery, Skrill, PPPay, Check, Local Pick Up, Well-hidden Cash., Payza, bitcoin, Propay. More will be added on the supported payment option.

-Will the fees ever go up?

Nothing is guaranteed, but we will always try to beat out our competition. It may go up, or it may even go DOWN, you never know, but if it ever does, it will be announced on the site news bar on the front page, but it won't really change unless it HAVE to, but, it will remain as competitive as possible, and you do not need to worry about it for a while.

-What are the seller fees(add-ons), or final value fees used for?, are they really needed?

We do not make much out of this service we provide you since you get 0 sign up fee, 0 listing fees, and 0 for basic store, but since we are always on a look out for new features(Trust us, we are not going to stop working on the site), and all these new features and upgrades DO cost us money, and though they are small, we will use the revenues we get(though it will take some time since we are just beginning with small number of members) to purchase any new features to make our sellers and buyers experience that much easier and helpful to buy/sell. Don't think these tiny fees are not necessary, it will pay you back in the future with new look, new features, and new updates/upgrades so your selling/buying experience will improve, and we will be keep improving it as we go.

-What is the Preferred Seller?, what it is and how do I be one?

It's just to credit our loyal sellers who simply posts a lot of items, (not counting the store). It is to credit our active sellers for contributing to make the site grow by selling a wide range of items to draw in buyers to make the site grow. If you join us and lists the first 100 items, you will earn this status, also, if you let the word out and recruit more sellers/buyers, you will also get credit for it, and once they join and starts to trade, you will also get this status. Nothing crazy, and no specials or anything, it's just that they are contributing.

How do I become a verified seller(Power Seller) and what is the benefits of becoming one? Can I cancel anytime?

-This is actually not free. If you want to be a verified seller, the cost will be $2.99 via Paypal. Once the payment is accepted, you will be upgraded to Verified seller, and you will get 0.5% discount on your monthly balance(that is of course, IF there is any... If you haven't sold any, or if you have not used any add-ons, so if you have 0 balance, this will be rolled to your next month, so, unless you have any balance, you wouldn't pay a penny). The $2.99 will recur in every 90 days, so you wouldn't pay it for 3 months. If you want to cancel it, then simply E-mail us at:, then we will simply remove your status, so you wouldn't be charged that $2.99 anymore. This will earn you a little 'Power Seller' icon next to your name. Also, paying for this 'Power Seller' status will also make you 'Preferred Seller'.

Will the store items also be charged a final value fee?

-Unfortunately Yes. You get a whole lot of items you can sell on your store, more than what you will usually need in most cases for free, which many auction sites don't offer you for free. 250,000. If you sell your items, it too, will have 1.2% final value fee(ONLY if it sells), though, if you are a power seller/verified/preferred, you WILL get 0.75% discounted per your monthly seller fees as you would for the regular listings. We have to do this since our add-on charges(extra category, bold, highlight, homepage featured) are so low(you can even compare with others out there), this is unavoidable. However, if you use the higher end stores(the one that are one time charge, that are not recurrable), we will give you 2% refund on your monthly seller charges(IF you have balance that is) as a benefit of using those big stores.

-Can I set my own Auction Duration time?

Yes, you may. You are in complete control selling, and you can set custom duration time for Free of charge as well. For we are just starting, you can post your items as 2 months auction and wait for some new people to sign up so, when we grow in size, so you can actually see some sales. It's up to you.

-When will my selling fees due? for the upgrades I use for my listings.

You will be billed/invoiced every 30 day term, unless you have changed it as live, in which case, it will be charged to you per transactions you make.

-Can I list BOTH in store AND on the auction for the same items?

Yes, and it is highly recommended, for you'll get double exposure that way. Even though your store automatically gets featured on the main page, but once we get more sellers with the store, there's no guarantee yours will always be on the main page, so we suggest you to post BOTH in store AND the regular live listing so you get better chance of your item being sold.

-What is your buyer/seller protection policies?

As a new site, you may be wondering/worrying about the buyer/seller protection policy. Well, We strive on providing a peace of mind for BOTH seller AND buyer. As auction goes, things bound to happen along the way, and we KNOW these things happen. If you get any issues or problems that you can't settle with buyer/seller, feel free to E-mail us at and we will step in to correct the matter right away. The E-mail is always monitored, so you will always get an answer within 24 hours.

-How does the Mega Ultra Lifetime Store Works?

It's the newest, and largest store option. You pay a one time fee of $1,500.00, for up to 9,990,000 items, and rather than being recurred every month, you just pay once, and unlike other stores, if you have any balance due per month, you will either get a refund back of 2% or a discount of 2% before it gets posted. It's done manually, but that is one benefit of having this store.

-I like your site so far, but it needs more action, is there a way I can invite my friends to this site so it grows?

That's something we would really appreciate if you do. Simply click on 'Tell your friends' button on the top of the page, enter the E-mail address of your friend whom you want to invite and enter the message so that they know what it is about.

-I have an online store of mine, can I put a link on my listings?
As long as it isn't another Free auction site that can be a direct or indirect competition to Net-Steals, it is allowed. Unlike E-bay, or E-bid and other giants, we will try to be fair and flexible and will help you get your online business some activity, but, in order to protect our own trading community here, an auction sites are NOT allowed.

For example, If you own an online store that sells non-auction type items, such as clothes, clocks, or mixture of goods or anything in particular, in a 'RETAIL' online store, it's allowed to include on your listings.

However, if your online store happens to be another auction site like ours, or, if you will be advertising your items that you listed on E-bay, E-bid or what have you, it will be deleted without notice, and you will be warned and an action will be taken for a repeated offense.

Thank You.

-Can I send mass messages to the members here to come to my site?
This one is allowed ONLY if you don't OVER do it. People simply HATE advertising, and spam messages(though at first, this site used the similar tactics, but not anymore), and it's better if you just stick to the links on your listings here. We don't mind however, but if we get a repeated complaints reported to us, you will be flagged and warned, and anymore reports after that, an action will be taken as well. So, this one is totally up to you. We won't monitor it, but just don't OVER do it and get our attention...

-Can I advertise my site by dropping the link on the shoutbox?
This is a No No. You can advertise your non-auction site as a link on your listings, but that will be it, but if you put in any links on the shoutbox, it will be deleted the moment we see it. So, this is something you CANNOT do...

-I have further questions, how can I contact you?.
Simply use the contact form on the top of the page, or send us E-mail at:, then we will try to assist you ASAP.