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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Net-Steals.com really FREE?
-Yes. Risk FREE... You get all the features, selling and buying for FREE of charge and registration is ALSO Free...

2. Why is there a final value fee if the site is FREE?
-All the features you enjoy here are pretty much Free which, other guys charge you extra for, such as auto-relist, category page feature, E-bay direct import, but maintaining this site costs money, so we have to charge you the minimum fees to keep it going... Final Value Fee is one of them, but we are charging a ONE FIXED amount of 1.2% of your selling price of any amount ONLY if it sells... Unlike other guys who charges you for listing items(which is Free here), and charges double or more of end of auction charge that racks up quickly... If you compare, you will be saving a WHOLE lot here.

3. Are there any new features planned?
-There's a LOT that is planned for this site. Such as some form of Shopping Cart, E-bay like Feedback system, among a LOT more. So, stay tuned...

4. I saw some of the members are listed as 'Verified' and 'Preferred' seller? How do I get it and what is the benefit of it?
-It is a subscription. You pay $2.79 fee for verified, for 3 months that will save you 2.4% of your seller fees(if you have any), and if you pay for the verified, preferred seller status comes with it, so it is actually tied together. If you are interested, you can send us E-mail to: ebid0418@gmail.com, then we will let you know how you go by paying for this subscription, which you can cancel anytime(then the next billing cycle will cancel and you will not incur anymore charges)

5. I cannot find the right category to list my item... Please help...
-We are still re-building the site from destruction, so if you have a particular category that you want made, simply e-mail us at: ebid0418@gmail.com and we will gladly add the category for you...

Thank You.