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Nov. 07, 2018

WE ARE BACK (11-07-2018)


Net-Steals.com is now back, after months of absense. With new look and changes.

This site is meant to be your additional/alternate selling/buying marketplace aside from your E-bay, E-bid, Etsy or whatever that you are using, WITHOUT the hefty fees... You sell your items, pay less for seller fees, and pocket more profit... If you are a buyer, there bound to be something that might interest you. Though we are starting from scratch again(we have lost previous items due to the change in software and its server to a new, upgraded version, so we are starting from new) so you won't find much yet, but it will grow once again as we get more visitors and members. We will be going on a heavy advertisement campaign, so expect some actions soon.

The registration is still FREE as it was always been, and you can still IMPORT all your E-bay listings right on the fly... in a much improved way that is different than before.

Also, you still only pay the 1.2% final value fee as before, no matter the selling price of the item, ONLY if it sells, so you save over any of the giants who charges you more.

You can have up to 12 images for Free(same as before) before you pay for the 13th item, and possibilities are endless.

So, welcome back to Net-Steals.com, and let the world know we are back, and let the trading continues...

Thank You.